Friday, October 14, 2016

Key Facts: How do Kansas education results compare to other states?

When considering multiple measures (test scores, graduation rates, postsecondary participation), Kansas ranks among the top states - 10th on the most recent report from KASB. Kansas ranks higher than the U.S. average, neighboring states, and states most like Kansas demographically.

These results give Kansas students an advantage because higher education levels have higher average pay and employment rates, and more jobs in the future will require higher educational credentials.

However, on most of these measures, other states have been improving faster than Kansas in recent years, which means more states could begin to pass Kansas in achievement.

Follow-up: Some say Kansas performs only about average on national measures. Is that true?

It depends on the specific test or other measure. Like all states, Kansas does better on certain tests or with specific groups, and worse on others. That is why KASB uses an average of various tests, measures and groups of students, rather than any single indicator.

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