Thursday, October 13, 2016

Key Facts: What are current Kansas education achievement levels?

Overall education levels in Kansas are at an all-time high. This includes the percent of population that has completed high school, any level of postsecondary education, or completed a four-year or advanced degree.

More young Kansans (18-24 years old) are completing high school, beginning college and completing degrees than ever before.

However, as has been true in the past, students from low-income families, students with disabilities and students learning English as a second language continue to lag behind other students.

Follow-up: Some say a majority of Kansas students are “failing” or “not proficient” or “not college ready.” Is that true?

When test results show a majority of Kansas students are below a benchmark, they are referring to a high performance level generally aimed at college level-preparation. In the past, most students did not need to reach these levels because students did not need or expect to complete a four-year degree or more. It’s not that more students are failing; it’s that standards have been raised.

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